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Coming June 30, 2023

Slain by the Succubus (Soul Slayer Book 3)

I’m in Hell and Lucifer is making my life… well, hell. 

The creature has been captured by moi, my brother is ready to pay his price for his sins, but one person stands in my way of escaping my fate of sitting on the throne of Hell  – the witch who deceived us all. 

Under the protection of the devil himself, she tries to stop me from completing my last task in my fight for freedom. Let her try.  No one messes with this succubus or takes over my place as the favorite of Lucifer. She may have tricked me, but by my side I have three dark, delicious vampire mates, a new BFF and her men, and the determination to stay on Earth with them. 

Content Warnings: Graphic Violence, Graphic Sex, mention of child abuse, rape, and assault, attempted sexual assault, dubious consent, blood play, detailed murder.

The Second Coming Duet


After centuries of war between Heaven and Hell, the veil to Hell opened, and chaos was unleashed on the Earth. Amidst the destruction, my family fled to the military bunker under the command of my father. Underground, I spent my childhood training to be a Hunter, the elite force who slaughtered demonic monsters night after night. 

The demons from Hell were my enemies, yet I should have been looking at my colleagues, those I called my friends. 

Kidnapped and brought to Hell, I learn the truth behind the fall of Earth, yet there’s so much left to uncover. 

I am more. 

More than just a Hunter or a human. But no one knows what I am, not even my captors, the enticing monsters I’m inexplicably drawn to. I know our bond is impossible, our union a betrayal of everything I stand for. I’m reminded of it with every glint of their horns, flash of their wings, or flick of their tails. 

When the truth is uncovered, will I be the one to save humanity or be their destruction?

In this gripping apocalyptic, why choose romance, the forces of darkness and light collide in a battle for the fate of humanity, and the bond between two demons, a fallen angel, and a human may be the only thing that can save them all.

No animals are harmed in this book. 

What if fairytales are not the light, fluffy stories your grandmother told you at bedtime? Instead, something much more sinister lurks behind those tales. 

Explore dark, new corners of your imagination as you journey through forests, encounter witches and monsters, and witness heroes and villains battle for dominance. These twisted, seductively dark fairytale retellings will bring to life fantasy and passion leaving you wanting more as our leading ladies are free to love who they want, even if it means bringing their darkest desires into the light. 

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Coming to this Series Starting July 20, 2023