Shadow Isle Reformatory

The Shadow Isle Reformatory series follows the epic four-part journey of Eva, sorceress of snow, Una, daughter of the seas, Shaylah, the courageous pixie and Ryoko, mistress of fire, as they are thrust into a mission to stop Headmaster Frost’s evil machinations before they all fall victim to his treachery. The complete box set now available!

Shadow Isle Reformatory where the good, the bad, and the worst are sent to be fixed. What no one tells you is the teachers don’t give two shits and it’s more of a prison than an actual reformatory. The only thing we learn here is how to survive.

Being born of winter and ice, survival should have been no issue for me. There was one catch, I had no clue how to control it. I was a constant disappointment to my family, one they feared instead of loved. It didn’t help that my sister had it out for me and was determined to have me sent away.

My sister got her wish and I was sent to hell on earth, needing to figure out who to trust and who was my enemy. I found the most unlikely allies, or at least I thought I had until I learned that betrayal was right in our midst.

A druid, the son of Lucifer, a Lion shifter and the son of Jack Frost himself…. Who can I trust and who is ready to betray me, just as my family had?

*This is a reverse harem with sexually explicit materials. Not suitable for young audiences

Welcome back to Shadow Isle Reformatory, a school for the good, the bad and the evil. When I say school, don’t get too excited, it’s more of a prison where people are sent when they mess up, and not everyone is here for the right reasons. 

I’m one of those people. 

 I spent almost a year keeping to myself here, trying to lay low so I could get out and stop my sister. Preferring to distance myself as I have no idea who I can trust and who is up to no no good. That is until Eva, the ice sorceress showed up. She changed everything. When she escaped, it was all upended again.

I know she will be back for me; it’s only a matter of time. But while I wait, I have to be even more careful than I was before. Jack Frost, our so-called headmaster, is on a power trip that makes evil look considerate. He thinks I can lead him to her. What he doesn’t count on is that I’d rather eat a sea anemone than lead him to my best friend. 

Just when I think I have everything figured out, a blast from my past shows up and I have to navigate whole new waters. With new teachers, new friends, and possibly new enemies, who can I trust? And can I figure out who is friend and who is foe before it’s too late?

Trapped. Desperate. Hopeless. Shay must defy all odds to find herself before it’s too late. 

Shadow Isle Reformatory, the place I thought I had finally found my freedom, but instead it served as just another prison for me. Bigger for sure, but a cage all the same. 

My whole life I had spent captured, drained of my dust by the worst of the worst and not able to use the very thing everyone wanted from me. I thought staying here would be different. I believed the headmaster when he said they would teach me everything I needed to know about being a pixie. I was wrong, but I made my choice and now I had to face the outcome.

Thankfully, I wasn’t left to fend for myself. Frost assigned the Loren boys to keep the dust lickers away, but it also made it impossible to make friends, let alone find love. Isaac hated the inconvenience and just wanted to be rid of me. His disdain for me only pushed me to train harder to learn what I had missed out on my whole life so he could be free of me. His brothers, Blake and Zach, are more than friendly and have grown on me, but I already had my heart broken once by a selfish pirate and I didnt want that to happen again.

Imagine my surprise when that very pirate showed up at Shadow Isle. Would he be the one to ruin everything I’d worked for, or would he be the one who pushed me to figure out how to break the chains holding me here?

◆ This book contains sexually explicit materials intended for mature audiences. It is a Reverse Harem, meaning 1 woman with multiple men.

Shadow Isle has been my wrongful prison for too long, and now, it’s time to break free. I had a chance before, but stayed behind to help the clans of dragons that were trapped, unable to leave the isle. 

Headmaster Frost is more sadistic than ever, determined to have his throne of power, not caring who he destroys in the process. With the announcement of a surprise prophecy about those destined to defeat the Headmaster, I have no choice but to put aside my past and look to my future, even if I would rather be tortured at the hands of the Imperial Army than be mated. 

Duty and honor above all else had been ingrained in me since I could walk, but can I put that duty aside and open my heart to those that could mean the success, or failure, of this huge undertaking? 

Cut off from my friends, I must decide if I can overcome the feeling of betrayal of my past and risk trusting those around me on my mission to free all those wrongfully imprisoned.

Find out in this epic finale of heartbreak, passion, and friendship as I join my friends for an epic battle like no other to defeat the evil that rules our prison. Together, will we be enough to beat Frost?