Secrets in Suburbia


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Setting out for a small suburb of Atlanta, Samantha and her husband left the city behind in hopes of starting a family. They found their dream home located in a close nit community, complete with beautiful homes and manicured laws.

Quickly, she finds out that this polished community was not all it seemed on the surface and the love of her life was not everything he appeared to be either as she overhears a conversation not meant for her ears.

When she starts digging for answers will she be prepared for the skeletons she might unearth? Will she be the one betrayed, or be the one to betray those she cares about? What is Samantha willing to risk to get the life she always wanted? And was the perfect house in suburbia really worth it?

*Author’s note: Mentions and dissimilarities to Mormons is intentional as part of a larger plot to be revealed in future books.

*** This book is intended for mature audiences and is Reverse Harem. It contains explicit sex scenes, infidelity not within the harem, and explicit language ***

A New Threat, A New Betrayal, All in the name of Love….

Just as they all settle into their new lives, determined to move on from the betrayal of their past, an unwanted visitor threatens to unravel everything they have worked for.

Jake, Stuart and Mario struggle to protect Samantha as the threat they face becomes very real. Can they keep her in the dark as they determine how much danger they are really up against and try to dispatch of the threat on their own?

Now, Samantha’s own secrets threaten to be revealed and could change the lives they have built together. Can they move past it together or will it destroy them forever?

Will they reveal their secrets and find their answers before it’s too late and risk losing love and even life?

**This is a book intended for mature audiences and is a fast burn, reverse harem book, containing explicit sex scenes and foul language**

Samantha has been keeping a couple of secrets from her parents. Not only her unconventional relationship with her three men, but also a baby on the way. 

When her mom guilt-trips her into leaving the city to come home to their small town for Christmas, she knows she has to find a way to reveal her secrets. 

Will her three husbands be able to win over her bearish father? Especially when everything they try to do goes seriously wrong. 

Enjoy this comedic Reverse Harem Holiday Romance. 

*This book contains explicit sexual content and is intended for 18+ audiences

Follow the lives of three friends in this story of friendship, tragedy, and love as they fight against the lives that have been forced upon them.

Victoria Anderson has spent her childhood preparing to be a pious, perfect wife and mother. As the eldest daughter of the Bishop, she feels the pressure to live up to her family’s status in the community. A secret threatens her family’s status but also her future. As she struggles with the choice she must make; family or love?

Rachel Grant is Victoria’s best friend. Her own arranged marriage to a terribly cruel man is also fast approaching. She’s desperate to escape a life that will break her yet she can’t find the courage to leave her best friend behind. A best friend who is also the love of her life. Will she choose love over her religion?

Elena Mason has spent her life trying to appease her father. When she comes of age, she’s forced to become the fourth wife of a man twice her age. Witnessing the abuse of the children in her soon-to-be family strengthens her resolve to protect the children regardless of the cost to herself. A tragic accident threatens to destroy everything she has overcome. Can her friend’s save her in time?

*** Trigger warning: Contains physical and sexual abuse and references to child brides.
Please read the forward for information on religious references.
This book contains sexual content and is intended for mature audiences. It is a prequel to Secrets in Suburbia containing F/F scenes. Though it is recommended for the best reading experience to read Suburbia books 1-3, which are reverse harem, this may be read as a standalone.