Scandal (A reverse age gap)

Like a little BDSM, panty melting scenes, and taboo? Just wait until you see who Salina falls in love with!


I was content in my life. My high demand job as Editor-in-Chief at a successful newspaper is more important than a love life. But content and satisfied are two different things, a lesson I didn’t know I needed to learn. 

Trenton fell into my life, a man half my age and off limits. I tried to deny my feelings for him, my desire, but he knew what I didn’t know, the things I needed to change me from content to blissful. 

My eyes were opened to a new world and I didn’t know if I could go back to the same boring life. I wasn’t living, truly living, until Trenton. 

We got caught, our forbidden affair in the headlines, the same headlines I’d written so many times in my career. But how could I walk away from him and the passion we shared? 


Salina was the woman of my dreams from the moment I met her. Smart, sexy, and with such need to let go. To be dominated. 

Imagine my luck when she accidentally fell into my life and I finally had a chance to show her what pleasure only I could provide. I only had to prove I could be so much more. I could be the only man she ever needed. 

She was almost there, ready to be mine. That was, until we were caught and our world turned upside down by the headlines. 

Cougar. Forbidden. Scandal. 

The headlines tried to rip us apart, but I wouldn’t give up without a fight. Not for the woman I loved no matter what the cost. 

*This is an age gap erotic novel with explicit materials and light BDSM between consenting adults.