Losing Faith

If you’ve read The Suburbia Series, this is a dark spin off with a lesbian romance. This one is a very dark romance with many triggers, including child abuse, sexual assault, and child brides. It follows the three women of Suburbia in their journey from childhood to escaping the arranged marriages and the religion who wouldn’t accept their relationship.

Follow the lives of three friends in this story of friendship, tragedy, and love as they learn their life in a fundamentalist sect isn’t what they want for their own futures. The harrowing escape and adjusting to life outside of their little community seems more difficult than they ever imagined. 

As the daughter of the bishop, Victoria Anderson has spent her childhood preparing to be a pious, perfect wife and mother. Her secret threatens not only her family’s status, but also her future. 

Rachel Grant is Victoria’s best friend. Her own arranged marriage to a terribly cruel man is also fast approaching. She’s desperate to escape a life that will break her, yet she can’t find the courage to leave her forbidden love behind. Can she find the strength to be true to herself? 

Elena Mason has spent her life trying to appease her abusive father. When she comes of age, she’s forced to become another wife to a man twice her age. Witnessing the abuse of the children in her soon-to-be family strengthens her resolve to protect the children regardless of the cost to herself. A tragic accident threatens to destroy everything she has overcome. Escaping is her only choice, but can she live a life outside of the compound and put her tragic past behind her? 

This is an slightly expanded version to be read as a standalone. The original version is in the Suburbia Box Set.