Heartbreaker (Romcom)

How about a little Romcom with some dark humor and spice? You’ll love this creative storyline with revenge!

When you get screwed over by a man, there is one person you call. 

The Heartbreaker.

Her name is whispered in bridge clubs and yoga classes, the simple card with her phone number and a painted broken heart, the sign of hope for women wanting to dish out their revenge.

She does to the men what they have done to her clients. Only payback is a dish best served cold, and in spades. Whether it’s insults that leave them crying, questioning their very manhood, or getting them hot and bothered, only to leave them hanging in public – she does it all, and with flair.

When Stella’s favorite coffee shop hires a gorgeous new barista, she finds it incredibly difficult to resist his charms. There is only one problem with this seemingly perfect match – he’s hiding a secret that may change her life forever.

Follow Stella in her journey to find letting go is as satisfying as getting revenge in this romantic comedy with dark humor, not for the faint of heart. She is the Heartbreaker, after all. 

This book is spicy and may include some uncomfortable situations alongside the laughs.