Coming Undone (Angsty Romance)

Do you love angsty romance with spice? Get lost in Lyon, France in the 1940-50s in this romantic childhood friends to lovers romance.

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Tragic pasts and forbidden love collide in this emotional story of friends to lovers. 

Young Simone didn’t know why the new boy cried all the time or lashed out at the nuns. She’d lost her own parents in the war as a baby and didn’t understand what it meant to lose a family. Determined to make him happy, she decided she would be his friend and give him all the love he was missing. No matter how many times Andre rejected her, she wouldn’t give up. 

Once he accepted her friendship, the two quickly became inseparable until it was time for Andre to leave the orphanage behind on his eighteenth birthday. With a bag of clothes, a small amount of money, and the birthday cake Simone made him, he left with a promise that he would return for her on her eighteenth birthday. 

Andre broke his promise and Simone’s heart. 

Haunted by his past and his fears, he convinced himself the only way to find peace was to follow a calling from God. Assigned to finish seminary in Lyon, France, he had no choice face his past at the very church he’d left behind five years earlier, this time as a deacon. 

Simone was still there, working at the orphanage and church as she waited for him. She just didn’t know how much Andre had changed or that their love had become forbidden. Nor did she know about the monsters that haunted him throughout his life. 

Can Andre remain faithful to the cloth, or will the temptation prove to be too great? Can Simone not only forgive him but also live with the secrets he’s hidden from her?