Couple Standalones

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When you get screwed over by a man, there is one person you call. The Heartbreaker.
Her name is whispered in bridge clubs and yoga classes, the simple card with her phone number and a painted broken heart, the sign of hope for women wanting to dish out their revenge.
She does to the men exactly what they have done to her clients. Only payback is a dish best served cold, and in spades. Whether it’s insults that leave them crying, questioning their very manhood, or gets them hot and bothered, only to leave them hanging in public, she does it all, and with flair.
When Stella’s favorite coffee shop hires a gorgeous new barista, she finds it incredibly difficult to resist his charms. There is only one problem with this seemingly perfect match, he’s hiding a secret that may change her life forever.

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Tragic pasts and forbidden love collide in this emotional story of friends to lovers. 

Simone and Andre, two orphans, were meant to be together since the little girl first gave the boy a frog to make him feel better. Their friendship grew to love, and then came time for Andre to leave the orphanage with a promise to come back for Simone.

Andre broke his promise and Simone’s heart. 

Years later, he’s assigned to the same church, not knowing Simone would still be there. How much temptation can Andre take before he has to chose between the love of his life and the cloth.

Salina I thought I was content in my life. Until Trenton fell into my life, a man half my age and off limits. I tried to deny my feelings for him. I really did.

We were caught, our forbidden affair in the headlines, the same headlines I’d written so many times in my career. Do I walk away or hold my head up high?

Trenton Imagine my luck when Salina fell into my life and I finally had a chance to show her what pleasure only I could provide. I would be the only man she ever needed. Until we found ourselves in the very headlines we wrote. Will Salina and I survive the scandal?

Kami is determined to get her life together and become an independent woman again, but at what cost? After a chance meeting, Kami enters a risqué new world giving her everything her ex took away; self confidence, money, and independence. But life is never straight forward and she finds herself torn between the job she loves, a career she dreams of, and an off-limits man she can’t stay away from.

Evan followed the career path his overbearing family demanded of him. He’s unhappy until he meets an intelligent, witty, and gorgeous woman in the break room. Being her boss doesn’t stop his attraction to her and he can only hold out so long before he makes his move. 

Do they both have what it takes? Would you break all the rules? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this steamy standalone taboo romance.