Losing My Heart Trilogy

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Enter this fast paced world of drug lords, an assassin, backstabbing socialites, and a bodyguard who has a secret of his own.

This dark romance series contains violence and sexual content and may be disturbing to some audiences.

Losing My Heart Series

Includes all 3 books

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If you love mafia romance, you’ll love this series!

Katie was born into this underbelly and will do whatever it takes to survive. She plays along with her father’s deadly games, willing to do anything to protect those she loves. Forced to leave the love of her life, her father traded her to a man who could be more dangerous. 

Ramone found his place among the crime lords, the inner circle he worked hard to enter. Ripped away from the woman he never expected to love, his world is upturned and all he wants to do is survive and save Katie from her fate. 

His own secrets come into play, and he is forced to use every contact he has just to survive. Betrayal is at every turn, including the people he trusted the most. Hunted for crimes he didn’t commit, can he make his way back to Katie and save them both? 

This dark, romantic suspense is intended for mature readers and contains violence, profanity, drugs, abuse, and sexually explicit material.

Sexy Drug (Losing My Heart Book 1)

A hired gun is on the loose and has his sights set on the daughter of the most powerful drug lord in North America. Katie Redmond  just barely escapes with her life, but now, her future is in the hands of a ruthless man who would do anything to protect his asset. 

That man is her father. 

After working his way up from being a simple drug mule to the inner circle of the Boss, Ramone becomes one of his most trusted men. That trust puts him in charge of Katie’s safety, and he is not going to let a spoiled brat ruin his ambitions. In fact, he will use it to his advantage. In a dangerous world where one wrong move can put his head on a pike, he isn’t counting on love to be the most dangerous of all.

Stay Away (Losing My Heart Book 2)

Forced into a life she never wanted, and still on the run from someone hellbent on killing her, Katie must survive the biggest game of her life.

If there is any hope for her to survive, or to be reunited with the man she loves, Katie must learn to play the game, even if that means walking down the aisle with a man that revolts her, forced upon her by her father. 

Secrets run deeper than anyone could have ever imagined. Will they be revealed before it’s too late?

With no choice but to walk away from Katie, Ramone must survive the Boss’s new assignment while still trying to find a way to save the love of his life. With his contacts distancing themselves, his desperation drives him to make decisions which might cost him his life. Can he survive the dangerous game and protect Katie at the same time? 

Coming Home (Losing My Heart Book 3)

The killer is still out there, but this time, Katie has the upper hand. She not only knows who he is, but who hired him, and she intends to stop them before they hit their mark. 

Trading one gilded prison for another, she must do whatever it takes to escape before it’s too late. Unexpected alliances form, while new enemies surface and threaten her plans. When dark secrets are revealed about her past, she vows revenge against those that wronged her deepest. Even more so when she finds out about the disappearance of the love of her life. 

With the woman that stole his heart still trapped, Ramone desperately tries to reach her, while becoming a fugitive himself. He will stop at nothing to save her, even if she thinks he has forgotten about her. 

Will they both be able to execute their plans, or will the killer win in the end?