Dance For Me

Kami is determined to get her life together and become an independent woman again, but at what cost? After a chance meeting, Kami enters a risqué new world giving her everything her ex took away; self confidence, money, and independence. But life is never straight forward and she finds herself torn between the job she loves, a career she dreams of, and an off-limits man she can’t stay away from.

Evan followed the career path his overbearing family demanded of him. He’s unhappy until he meets an intelligent, witty, and gorgeous woman in the break room. Being her boss doesn’t stop his attraction to her and he can only hold out so long before he makes his move. 

Do they both have what it takes? Would you break all the rules? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this steamy standalone taboo romance.

Content Warnings: Sexual Assault, Date Rape Drug, Explicit Sexual Content