Black Steel (Legion of Vidar)

Do you love Motorcycle Club? This dark, fast burn, paranormal standalone is in the shared world of Vidar, created by a group of authors.

Black hearts and steel horses, we live to ride and protect our own. I’m the man in charge, feared and respected. With my identical twin by my side, I’m riding high and living the best damn life anyone could ask for.

That is, until Leviathan calls me with a mission and takes my twin from me. He’s needed elsewhere and I have to calm my bear before I do something stupid and piss off the dragon more. 

My Illinois chapter of Legion of Vidar is feared and respected for damn good reason. We are lethal and ruthless, and protect our own. But Leviathan is the founder, the man in charge of every chapter, and no one fucks with him and lives to tell about it.

That goddamn goat was dropped with a mission, but this time the joke’s on me. My brother is needed in Colorado, and now I’m scrambling to fill the hole he left. Our club’s assignment seems easy enough but I won’t discount the danger of going into the territory of a rival. Come 

hell or highwater, I’m sure the hell going to finish my mission to rescue a woman, one of my kind, who was stolen by those bastards. We’ll take them all down if we have to.

Too bad the rescue didn’t go as planned and now I need to be rescued, but I know my men won’t let me down. They’ll come for me and I’ll be ready when they do. They are my ride and die brothers and will tear this place apart to get me back where I belong. I’m their president, and no one will keep me from my rightful place.

At least, that’s what I thought before finding out I’d have to protect my captor, my sworn enemy, for the woman. I can’t be a traitor to my brothers, but I also can’t deny the mating call to my beast.