Beautifully Untamed (Twisted Tales Book 1)

Do you like your fairytales darker and twisted? This is the first in a series of darker, standalones by the writing duo Melody and Everly.

Abomination. Killer. Half-breed.

Grandma made sure I knew how she felt about me.  How worthless I was.

Born from a wolf shifter and a human, I was forced to lock away my wolf and deny who I was or risk my grandmother’s wrath. It was easier to obey, for she wasn’t the sweet grandma, innocent and eaten by a wolf like the villagers’ stories claimed.

It shouldn’t have come as a surprise to me when I woke up to the vilest group of people that walked the earth, all there for one reason. To bid on me. I was forced to leave behind the body of the only person I had left in the world and brought to pack lands. To people that took pride in their wolf forms and their connection with the earth.

And still I struggled. I wasn’t a part of their pack. Not really. I had been bought like property, and yet they pushed me to accept myself. To become like them. To fight and protect myself. Despite the words of my grandmother, I began to trust. Began to embrace who and what I was. To accept the people that had not only bought me but protected me.

Was it all too late, though? We were on the brink of war with the neighboring coven of witches, fighting them as they attempted to take everything from us. My desperation for acceptance turned to revenge as secrets were revealed that left me reeling. Everything I had ever thought, ever known was a lie.

With my new mates by my side, and revenge in my heart, I will lead our people to victory and end the reign of the coven.

 My name is Scarlett, and I will fulfill my destiny, no matter the cost.

Content:  This is a fast burn reverse harem with adult content. It is the first book in a series of twisted fairytale retellings. Each book is a completed standalone.